How to add entries to your CEC Diary

How to add entries to your CEC Diary

To add a CEC Diary Entry you must have a completion certificate issued from the course provider.

A valid completion certificate from your course provider must contain the following details.
  1. Your Full Name
  2. Approved Course/Program/Event Name
  3. Provider Name
  4. Completion Date
  5. AUSactive Course Approval Code
You can find then locate the CEC Diary from within your member portal once logged in under the heading CECs.
Select 'New CEC Entry'.

Once you have a valid completion certificate you can upload this into your CEC diary within your member portal.

The first step is to search for the course using the Course Search Bar, you can search by the course name or by the AUSactive Approval code found on the certificate.

If you do not find a match through course name, this may mean that the course name on the certificate slightly differs from our records and searching by course code will then provide the correct course results.
This will then populate a list of search results below, Check the search results and select 'Add Entry' on the result that matches the Approval code, Provider Name, Course Name and CECs.

You will then be prompted to add the course completion date and upload the course file, once you have entered the completion date and the file is uploaded, select 'Submit to AUSactive' to finish the process.

This will add the diary entry in as a 'Pending' entry while our team reviews your submission.
Due to the number of diary Entry submissions, review or your entry can take up to 4 weeks, please be patient while we work through these.
This will show in your Pending tally within your CEC Diary while our team reviews your submission.
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